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How to trade with Smart Order

Smart order is the ability to automate your manual trading, reduce risks, increase profits and focus on strategy.
  • Then you have to set 3 parameters up: Entry point, Stop loss and Take a profit. Let’s take a look at each of them separately:

Entry Point

These are the conditions for opening your position.
  • Price and quantity of order.
  • Total is the equivalent of your order in quote currency.
  • Cost is the actual amount you will spend considering the leverage in the futures market only.
A limit order has been placed on BTC/USDT pair for the price of $9,807 with the order quantity 0.015 BTC which is equal to $151.04. This is a futures trade with 101x leverage and it cost $1.49. Trailing deviation is enabled at 4% which will measure the change in price of 4% from its lowest point.'

Stop Loss

Stop Loss provides automatic closing of the position when losses reach a certain level.Here you set only the level of loss to close the position in %, and you can also set a timeout with forced stop order to increase your chances of exiting the position in case the market slips.For the position whose entry point was placed in the previous step, 8% stop loss with 8 sec timeout and 10% forced stop has been placed.

Take Profit

Take a Profit provides automatic closing of the position when profits reach a certain level.Like stop loss, it’s very easy to set the percentages. You can set up trailing for Take a Profit. Or split it into several parts — split your targets.First, when the profit level reaches 10% the 25% of position will be closed. Remaining 75% of position will be closed at 15% profit.

Let’s take a look at how it looks overall

And create the trade.
Trailing started and started placing orders and delete it to put a new one after recalculation in real time until the trend reverses.
After the trend reversal, trailing order was executed and the position was opened.
Smart order automatically places a stop loss and take a profit order.
Now, just wait and make a profit.Next feature: learn how to trade with Trading View alerts

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