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How to play in Futures Wars

Place your bet. Show your skills. Win the Jackpot.To the victor goes the spoils! Trading Wars. Create your own trading competitions with friends by setting custom parameters, or join a public one. Trading Wars give you access to more than 16 futures markets with up to 125X leverage to battle your friends or people around the world. Join a competition, deposit the funds based on competition rules, and trade for the allotted time. A percentage of the funds from all participants are pooled together as the winning prize. The user with the highest balance at the end of the trading period, will be deposited the full prize pool.
  • Go to profile/telegram
  • PM /start to @futureswars_bot and get your personal code
  • Attach your telegram account to cryptocurrencies.ai via your personal code
  • Then press “Join Futures Wars” button and choose your playground room
  • Deposit USDT on your FuturesWars account
  • Go to futures trading terminal and select your FuturesWars account
  • Press “Join” button on balances card and wait for round start
  • Check rating, your stats and countdown in your chatroom or directly in @futureswars_bot
More detailed instructions you can read here.


1) The amount of deposit on futures wallet is fixed and makes e.g. 10 USDT depends on your room rules. Of these, 5 USDT is your bet, the remaining 5 USDT is your capital for the round.
2) You cannot open positions from your Futures Wars account before the round starts
3) You can’t withdraw your bet and your capital until round end
1) After the round starts you will have fixed time, depending on your room rules, e.g. 24 hours to trade.
2) Trading should be only with a smart order from your Futures Wars account and only on the futures market.
3) Trade in the way that suits you best and earn profits. :)
4) You cannot enter the round again if you lose your 5 USDT capital. Beware of liquidation.
5) Check rating, your stats and countdown in your chatroom or directly in @futureswars_bot
1) One minute before the end of the round, all positions will be automatically closed. Keep in mind.
2) You will lose your bet if you do not win the round
3) The winner is the one whose balance at the end of the round is the highest
4) At the end of the round, the winnings and the remaining deposit will be transferred to the winner’s Spot account in his Futures Wars account

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