Futures Wars

Place your bet. Show your skills. Win the Jackpot.

FuturesWars is a competition. A competition in which you compete

with other traders and can multiply your profit if you trade more

successfully than others. The principle of the competition is

simple. You go into the room. Do as agreed with other participants

and trade the same amount with them. The one whose balance is

higher by the end of the round — wins.

How to start

  • Sign up on cryptocurrencies.ai
  • • Go to profile/telegram
  • • PM /start to @futureswars_bot and get your personal code
  • • Attach your telegram account to cryptocurrencies.ai via your personal code
  • • Then press “Join Futures Wars” button and choose your playground room
  • • Deposit USDT on your FuturesWars account
  • • Go to futures trading terminal and select your FuturesWars account
  • • Press “Join” button on balances card and wait for round start
  • • Check rating, your stats and countdown in your chatroom or directly in @futureswars_bot

More detailed instructions you can read here.