Safe trading with smart tools

A single platform for all your spot and futures accounts to manage risk and grow your portfolio

Safe trading

Our safe trading terminal offers technical tools and real-time orderbook. You can create your trades with auto-hedging strategies by setting a long and short or set stop-loss and take profit with better flexibility.



If you’re a trader who doesn’t know what the performance of their portfolio is, then you have a major blind spot. With real-time p&l for all your trades and accounts, you know exactly where you stand at all times.


Visualize and filter on your trading activity so you can assess your trading history.



You can automate your portfolio with our portfolio rebalancing with just a few simple clicks.


A real hybrid platform

trade like a pro with institutional-grade tools
made by ex-Bloomberg team

Use us as exchange

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Deposit funds, that

are secure on top exchanges

Trade on spot & futures market

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top exchange liquidity

Connect your exchanges

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Manage your portfolio

on one single dashboard

Trade on spot & futures market

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